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Concluded PhD thesis

The following list contains information regarding PhD theses submitted in the Department of Informatics. The list contains only thesis that are concluded since 2016. Theses are listed based on their general areas of interest.

E-Service Providing

  1. Mobile learning for improvement of learning process in Albania, studies and applications
    • Melo, XH - 2016/11/24
    • Abstract: Mobile devices are becoming more and more an inextricable part of our daily lives by offering ever-more advanced features and revolutionizing the way we perceive and perform our everyday activities. This work aims to study the options and potential of the use of these devices in support of the learning process as well as assess the effectiveness of using specific mobile learning applications in the Albanian context to better understand the potential of further, large scale implementation. Specifically some key characteristics of these devices, such as mobility or internet access create very favorable conditions that support the fundamental aspects of our best theories on effective learning processes. Such devices can vastly improve the student-teacher communication as well as that among students, distribution and access of learning material, supervisioning and support group activities as well. In another perspective, mobile devices can be adopted to create the right conditions for a student-centered learning process, where the student can participate actively in learning activities and feel identified, a valued participant in the academic environment. This work also showcases the implementation, testing and evaluation of three cases of mobile learning applications in the learning process: 1. real-time communication between students and teacher during the lesson, 2. Support to laboratory classes and 3. Aiding in learning of the sign language on tablet devices for children with impaired hearing.

Information Security

  1. Developing a security plan for protection of sensitive information
    • Mulla, Gj - 2016/11/24
    • Abstract: The purpose of this work is to explain what is the Business Continuity Planning and to point out the main steps that such plan should cover in order to insure that the critical processes of the business will be up and running in case any disaster will effect the organization. Disaster might occur anytime, so each business must be prepared in advance in order to face such events. Depending on the size and nature of the business, we design a plan to minimize the disruption of disaster and keep our business remain competitive. Due to the progression of Information Technology (IT), business nowadays depends seriously on IT. With the development of e-business, many business can't even survive without operating 24 hours per days and 7 days a week. As the result of the increased dependency by the business over recent years on computerized information systems, a single downtime might means disaster to their business. With increase of different type of incidents such Internet threats and malicious software beside natural disaster and criminals, the business world has become more vulnerable than before. Disaster did happen and it will happen. So we have to take care and prepare our business before such disaster will affect our organization environment in order to be able to mitigate them.