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In progress PhD thesis

The following list contains PhD theses submitted in the Department of Informatics.  Their work is still in progress. Theses are listed based on their general areas of interest.

Artificial Intelligence
  1. Genetic algorithms for training of neural networks - Gjylapi, D

Big Data
  1. Managing and analyzing uncertain data - Munguli, B
  2. Exploration and analysis of a large amount of information through automatic and semi-automatic methods to discover data trends - Ademi, A

Business Intelligence
  1. Real-time data warehouse optimization - Vuka, E
  2. The process of improving the forecasting and management of public finances by applying business intelligence techniques - Kromici, O

Business Process Automation
  1. The impact of inter-organizational information systems in the flexibility of companies - Dhjaku, V

Cloud Computing
  1. Optimization in Cloud Computing - Hajdëri, L
  2. Usability evaluation of Cloud Computing applications - Kuka, E

Data Mining
  1. Neural networks for real estate price prediction - Xhumari, Elda

E-Service Providing
  1. An intelligent mobile e-health system in support of decision making - Kapaj, R
  2. Medical data integration in designing an e-health architecture - Maxhelaku, S
  3. Modeling e-government services using ontologies - Shehu, J
  4. Language integrated complex event processing - Manika, P
  5. Construction of an integrated model of offices for the provision of public services in local governments - Hyseni, I

Formal Methods
  1. Advanced formal methods for modeling complex systems, a applicable model for analysis of systems with large amounts of data - Fatusha, D

GIS Systems
  1. Augmented reality and geographic information systems - Dhëmbi, A
  2. Spatial databases, techniques and model development, analytical processing, data tracking and data visualization in GIS systems - Gradeci, G
  3. Implementation of GIS functional models in multi agents simulations - Zhaka, L

Human Computer Interaction
  1. A study on sign language capturing and processing techniques, based on natural interfaces - Gani, E
  2. Adaptive interactive e-learning systems in education - Leka, L

Information Retrieval
  1. Applying information retrieval techniques in collections of documents in Albanian - Hoxha, K

Information Security
  1. Security and cryptographic algorithms - Çeliku, B
  2. Information Systems in Albanian Universities - Puto, E
  3. Identification and prevention methods of SQL attacks on Web applications - Beta, Dh
  4. Contribution to the audit process of information systems - Koçi, E
  5. Electronic archives, long-term preservation of electronic collections with national historical value in Albania - Topi, A
  6. Development of a safer and more efficient parallel cryptographic algorithm and its implementation in the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) - Berisha, A

Internet of Things
  1. Construction of information systems for increasing efficiency and food safety based on internet technologies - Kote, Dh

Knowledge Management
  1. Integration of knowledge management environment in research centers with digital libraries - Xoxa, N

Natural Language Processing
  1. Part-of-Speech Tagset for the Albanian Language - Baftijari, B

Semantic Web
  1. Combining multi-agent systems with web semantics technologies - Bojaxhiu, A
  2. Modeling recommendation systems on tourism, based on semantic formalization of internet users behavior - Mersini, R

Text Mining
  1. The text enrichment based on text analyzing probabilistic models - Vasilii, R